Policy and Price Changes 1 January


What a year! While I'm thankful every day for the community's support and a nation-wide fanbase who believe in my work enough to mail me their items, I need to make some changes to maintain a little bit of sanity and take a few more days off in 2020. Beginning Jan 1st:

- All civilian specialty work tickets $250 or less that require my expertise (not the staff's) will need to be paid in full before work begins. Tickets over $250 will have the remaining balance due at item completion. Examples of specialty work are things like suit shoulder raises, collar resets, and lapel narrowing, bridal, overcoat relines, custom garments, and leather work. 

- The types of work mentioned above will have a 3 to 8 week turn around. The only exception to this policy is, of course, active duty and law enforcement gear repairs and modifications.

- Military and outdoor gear prices are increasing after a 5-year steady hold. I hate to do this, but current gear rates by the hour are considerably less than current garment rates by the hour. We will continue to offer a military discount in the form of same day and next day service for uniforms at no additional charge, and no charge for those who are receiving/escorting a deceased service member, pallbearers, speaking at the funeral, or are the spouse of the deceased. 

- The door will not open before noon. Period. End of discussion and I don't care how many negative reviews we get for turning people away. If the blinds are closed, the closed sign is flipped, and the door curtain is closed, we're closed.  The staff needs uninterrupted time to sew in order to meet deadlines. I need to be able to work alone without people yanking on the locked doorknob and tapping on the windows spiking my anxiety. Some might say the solution is to hire another person. Doing so would mean a price increase across the board, and nobody wants that.

Prices can vary up or down based on garment construction and type or amount of fabric, so it's best to come in and have us inspect the garment before you assume the pricing shown here.  

Also, please remember that just because you bought it for a bargain, does not mean you're going to get it altered for a bargain.  The cheaper the garment, the more flexible your expectations need to be with the final result. WE HAVE A STRICT NO REFUNDS POLICY.

We aim to have all casual wear completed within 14 calendar days. 

Rush fees of 30-40% will apply in order to meet shorter deadlines. 

Same-day and next-day services for civilian clothing are double price.

Military and Law Enforcement uniforms we do our best to get done same-day 

or next-day at no additional charge.